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General Information

Week n Meeting: Sunday, 7:30, 04/3/12, Sidney Sussex: Lists!

Meeting will be at 7.30pm at Sidney Sussex, as usual, meeting outside the p'lodge as ever.

Pub: Wednesday, 7:30, 29/2/12, Bath House

CUSFS Pub takes place every Wednesday, with the occasional rescheduling. A bunch of us show up at the Bath House (on Bene't Street) and eat, drink (large pitchers of purple), and otherwise be merry. Warning: may involve subsequent trip to someone's room and playing of parlour games and/or sporcle. Filip is usually there, so if you are lost or confused, text him on 07580099752.

CUSFS Lunch: Friday, 12:45pm

It costs 2 for a pleasant lunch with pleasant conversation (well... CUSFS conversation anyway ^^) and is thoroughly worth going to, even if you don't finish lectures until 1pm.
Normally, it's found in Filip's room, which you get to by typing xyzzy. If this doesn't work, here's an InvisiClue for you:
"It's E10 New Court. Follow Trinity Lane until the bend and cheerfully ignore the "college closed" sign. Go straight, under the arch, to a court with a tree in the middle. E staircase is at the far left corner, my room is on the top floor."

Library Access

Generally speaking, talk to the Dread Fiend Lady of the Nightmare Books, Christine Lee, or any of her horde of minions, to ask about library access: e-mailing the CUSFS list is a good start :D Ring her on 07787587513

Term plans

CUSFS (and later Jómsborg the New) has been bringing literary discussion of Science Fiction and Fantasy to students and the general public in Cambridge since 1963. Every week during University Full Term we have a discussion on Sunday evenings, be it on an author, a theme, or the latest bizarre theory explaining why there's nothing good on TV anymore. We tend to alternate between Science Fiction discussions and Fantasy discussions (which, until 1996, were the exclusive preserve of Jómsborg).

Current information

If you would like more information on what CUSFS does, please contact the committee at soc-cusfs at lists dot cam dot ac dot uk.

This website is updated intermittently. We will try to get it right every time, but if you notice something broken, please mail soc-cusfs at lists dot cam dot ac dot uk. Likewise, please get in touch if you have any suggestions for changes or additions to the site.

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