CUSFS Vice-Presidents

Astute readers may notice that this is not by any means a complete list. If you have information about missing Vice-presidents, please contact us.

Ancient tradition:

Ian Jackson's Ears

Simon's hat


The short list of thirteen was decided by a modulo function of a democratic vote. We determined the final six by dropping small pieces of paper down the central space of `E' staircase, New Court, St John's in a sort of gravitational Pooh sticks.

Dr Mabuse

Judith Proud

The Ids that March

John Burnham's Silly Hat

Warm Fuzzies

Whitley Streiber


J Danforth Quayle

John Thaw


Simon Pick

Something that Paul Treadaway doesn't know about


1998: Adding-a-letter

The Vatican Pope density [...] [Lots elected that year; some recent elections hadn't happened]

1999: 'Family Business'

A Small Electric Plug-In Sandwich

Egil Skallagrimsson

Stroudley's improved locomotive green

The Bolivian Coup Frequency

A Slow Chocolate Autopsy

Atrox Fabulinus, the Roman Rabelais

2000: Mediocrity voting

Sam, the New Hall college cat

The Name of the Rose

The Spirit of English Cricket

The view from the lounge at 12A Clare Colony

Thomas Womack's disk space

Ian Jackson's bed

2001: Top Trumps

(the barman at Girton)

The women's press

Instituto do Vinhos do Porto

John Prescott's fist

[one more]

2002: Elastic band guns

The Glorious Planet Gallifrey, may she rest in peace

The picture of Dorian Gray

Kate Stitt

Instituto do Vinhos do Porto (As above; probably nominated twice)


2003: Pin the tail on the vice-president

Mary Gentle's pigs

The republic of Gilead


Cecil Nyarlathotep

Siegfried von Shrink

Friendly the Fox

'Shiny Things' was 2001 or 2002

?2004: Picking up pairs

Cheap Asda Cherryade

2006: Croquet

Red unobtanium


One lot elected by the means of actual voting, on the basis of a short reading from a not-very-good SF book. These were:

  1. Naked pictures of Wesley Crusher's face
  2. The stygian cloud of charcoal ebony
  3. Immortal invisible electric Radium-powered Chinese with death rays

Another bunch were elected a term later by Chrononauts Time-Distort Twelve in real time

  1. Four Hundred Billion Stars
  2. Biggles in Time and Space
  3. The future daughter of Simeon Bird B.A. Hons. Cantab

2008: Royal Roborally Rumble

An even more inexplicable universe

Twillo the Mighty

A Sainsbury's Basics gelatinous cube

The Woman with Absolute Motion

An arbitary token

A non-binding war

2009: Chairman's Game

I hear the previous year's took longer still...

The Count of Monte-Cristo (the man, not the book)

The Invisible Calvinist

A Sainsbury's Taste the Difference gelatinous cube

Zombie Abraham Lincoln

The Absolutely Lovely Children, who incidentally are totally science fiction

Michael Patrick Wallace BA Hons (Cantab.) MSci lolMA roflPhD — the most phearsome assassin in Cambridge

2010: Botticelli

The Gelatinous Cube Formerly Known as The Gelatinous Cube

Spot the Greek Philosopher

A death circus bigger than a planet

Ezekiel 25:17

Colin McLeod of the clan McLeod

Lady Agatha Heterodyne

2011: Zendo and Contact

Despite certain objections, Zendo was determined to be a bit too strategic for more than three games and names. The remaining four were determined by Contact.

The Gelatinous Cube to End all Gelatinous Cubes

Free Market Capitalism

Genesis 5:12

The Set of all Future Vice Presidents

The Number Forty Two

The Doctor (One of them, opinion was divided)

The Towering Immensity of Hats

2012: Tup Tup

Emperor Constantine VII, Porphyrogenitus/p>

Admiral Miles Naismith

The Marauders

Max Planck's Monocle

Corwyn Prince of Amber

Princess Jasmine

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