CUSFS Termcard for Lent Term 2004

All events start at 7.30pm unless otherwise specified.

Also planned for this term are some or all of: our annual cocktails workshop, a storytelling, a reading evening, and various video showings and film trips. Check your missives for dates and further details.

Sunday Discussions, Other Events, and Things Of Interest

(See also the skeletal film guide.)

Saturday 17th January   Film trip: Lord of the Rings: Return of the King   outside the Warner Village cinema
This film needs no introduction. Join other CUSFS members in crashing the Cambridge Tolkien Society cinema trip. To avoid disappointment, book your ticket beforehand at the Warner website.
Sunday 18th January   Discussion: Space Opera   Newnham, Peile Hall, room 304
Spaceships! Aliens! Battles! Empires! Death-rays! Giant things! These are some of the ingredients of space opera. What makes it fun? What makes it interesting? Can it be Real Literature (tm)? Come and argue about these and other important questions about this exciting subgenre.
Monday 19th January   Library sale reopens   N/A
Now open to non-members too! See the sale page for more information.
Tuesday 20th January, 8:30pm   CTS Discussion: Return of the King   New Hall, room E18
Now you have seen the film, join the Cambridge Tolkien Society to rant and/or rave about it.
Friday 23rd January   TTBA deadline!   N/A
Your TTBA Editor needs you! The next issue of the society magazine, TTBA, is scheduled to appear at the end of the month, but we can't do it without you. If you have any stories, reviews, comments, letters, drawings -- in fact, anything related to science fiction or fantasy -- we want them! Why not review the books you read over the Christmas break? Send your contributions to by Friday 23rd January.
Sunday 25th January   Discussion: Sex and Sexuality   Newnham, Peile Hall, room 304
A discussion of sex and sexuality in SF and fantasy.
Friday 30th January, 8:30pm   Jómsborg Wake for the Old Year   155 Gilbert Road
And so another year of Jómsborg the New ends. Join the Reeve, Companions and Jómsvikingar in our preparation for the New Year. The Jómsvikingar purify themselves by staying up throughout the night, helped along by games, readings, mead, conversation, and anything else that comes to mind. Oh, and probably a fair amount of coffee. The particularly devout meet on top of Castle Mound at sunset to bid farewell to the Old Sun, which is due to finally wind down at 16:41 on the 30th. Distractions will include a new issue of TTBA, being able to actually look at the library sale books (so bring money if you might be interested in buying any), and...
Friday 30th January, 9:00pm   Discussion: Magic and Sorcery   155 Gilbert Road
Get out your magic wand and pointy hat and apparate yourself along to the Wake to tell us what your favourite spell is. Wake discussions are always lively, broad-ranging and well-attended, and, as ever, lurkers (and hecklers) are very welcome!
Saturday 31st January, dawn   Afmaelisdagr   Castle Mound
The host of the Jómsvikingar march, as one, to the hub of the Universe (known simply to mortal folk as the Castle Mound). There, the Reeve, assisted by the assembled throng and a large quantity of mead, raises the New Sun, gives it form, and sets it circling for another year. We will try to organise breakfast for those interested (and still awake!) after the Afmaelisdagr.
Saturday 7th February, 8:45am   Picocon 21   Imperial College Students' Union, London
Picocon is a one-day SF convention, run by ICSF, the Imperial College SF and fantasy society. The guests of honour this year are Peter F Hamilton, Paul McAuley and Adam Roberts - each of them has a slot in the programme where they will talk about something that interests them, and take questions from the audience.
There will also be a dealers' room, with second-hand booksellers etc., and various events throughout the day (past Picocons have included dalek racing, quizzes, a LAN games room, juggling lessons and `destruction of dodgy merchandise' auctions, among other things). The programme starts at 11am and concludes at 8pm with a showing of Paycheck.
Entrance costs £5.00 for students (with ID!) and £7.00 for others. A CUSFS group will be going to Picocon, by train, travelling on the 09:01 to King's Cross. If you're interested, please join us at the railway station (look for the orange scarves) by 8:45am - this should allow enough time for buying tickets. (The recommended ticket is the One-Day Travelcard (about £16), which includes a day return to London and unlimited travel on the Underground. Discounts are available with Young Person's and Network Railcards.) If you have lectures on Saturday morning and can't meet us at Cambridge station, do consider coming along later for the afternoon events - it's usually a very enjoyable day.
Sunday 8th February   Discussion: Frank Herbert   TBA
A discussion of the works of SF author Frank Herbert.
Sunday 15th February   Discussion: David Gemmell   Selwyn, Cripps Court, room J1
A discussion of the works of fantasy author David Gemmell.
Sunday 22nd February   AGM and Games evening   155 Gilbert Road
Bring games. Play them. Enough said.
Election of new committee members will also be taking place. The posts of Chairbeing, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Secretary, Librarian and TTBA Editor are available, so if you think you might be interested, contact the committee for more information, or to talk to the individual current officer. Some details of the committee posts are also in the constitution.
Sunday 29th February   Discussion: Comics and graphic novels   33 Jesus Lane, room 4
Join us to discuss a rather under-appreciated storytelling medium!
Thursday 4th March   World Book Day   various
Look out for a variety of events run by bookshops, radio, TV, etc. to celebrate World Book Day. Watch this space (and the missives) for details of events.
Sunday 7th March   Discussion: the CUSFS Hall of Fame   33 Jesus Lane, room 4
Join us to hear the results of the great CUSFS Hall of Fame vote and to let us know whether you agree with the society's choices!

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