CUSFS Film Guide - Lent Term 2004

A brief round-up of what's showing where... see the relevant website for venues and other details.
(See also the web pages for the main cinemas: Cambridge Arts Picturehouse and Cambridge Warner.)

Relevant Films

Friday 23rd January, 8:30pm - X2
Friday 30th January, 8:30pm - Pirates of the Caribbean

Thursday 19th February, 10pm - The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Sunday 22nd February, 8pm & 10.30pm - Kill Bill Vol. 1

Sunday 18th January 9pm - The Running Man + Demolition Man
Sunday 1st February 9pm - The Seventh Seal
Sunday 8th February 9pm - Dark Crystal
Sunday 22nd February 9pm - Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
Sunday 29th February 9pm - Battle Royale
Sunday 7th March 9pm - Dr Strangelove

Thursday 5th February, 9pm - Apocalypse Now
Thursday 12th February, 9pm - Pirates of the Caribbean
Sunday 7th March, 9pm - A Clockwork Orange

Sunday 18th January, 7pm & 10pm - Hulk
Sunday 8th February, 7pm & 10pm - Pirates of the Caribbean

St John's
Sunday 18th January, 7pm & 10pm - Pirates of the Caribbean
Thursday 12th February, 9pm - The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
Thursday 4th March, 9pm - Le Temps du Loup (The Time of the Wolf)

No Information (Yet)


Corpus Christi

Peterhouse (Heywood Society)

Trinity Hall


Nothing Relevant This Term

None known

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