Jómsborg The New: Veizla 2003

Mead Reception

The Mead Reception and Photos will take place in Selwyn College Gardens, starting at 6:15pm on Saturday 14th June. Should it be raining then we will have the use of Selwyn's Chadwick Room instead. There will be an opportunity to take group photographs, so remember your camera! Directions are below.

The Dinner

This year's Veizla (the annual dinner of Jómsborg the New) will be held in the Old Combination Room of St Catharine's College at 7:30pm. The dress code is fancy dress or black tie; contact the Reeve at the committee address below if you are unsure whether a particular costume would be acceptable. Attendees are encouraged to bring their soul if they have one, and may find a pen useful.

The Menu

                  Carrot, chive & orange soup

       Breast of pheasant with braised mushrooms and port sauce
          Mushroom & pepper stroganoff with wild mixed rice
             Parisienne potatoes and seasonal vegetables

  Toffee ice-cream in a brandysnap basket with rum and vanilla sauce

                         Coffee + mints

...plus a selection of wines and port.

The evening will also see the naming and inauguration of the new Reeve and companions, and all attendees will be called upon to entertain the Reeve and assembled company with an answer to the Reeve's Challenge.

The Reeve's Challenge

It is the tradition that the Reeve issues a Challenge to the Jómsvikingar, to be met as they are assembled at the Veizla. This year's Challenge is as follows:

It has come to the Reeve's attention recently that a number of well known historical and fictional figures were in fact secretly Jómsvikingar. Each Jómsviking attending the Veizla is Challenged to find one of these secret Jómsvikingar and reveal their identity at the Veizla, with a brief explanation of the evidence collected.

The Aftermath

After the dinner, the party will retire to Relativity (155 Gilbert Road) for further merriment.


Selywn College is on the south end of Grange Road, between Sidgwick Avenue and West Road. If you enter the college via the main archway then the Gardens are on the other side of the court, to the left of the chapel. The Chadwick Room is on the right-hand side of the court as seen from the Porters' Lodge, at the bottom of the steps leading down from the main path, close to the large stairway leading up to the hall.

St Catharine's College have advised us that the best way to find the Old Combination Room is to ask for directions while passing through their Porters' Lodge.

If you need directions on the day, then the Y Reeve will be available by mobile telephone until everyone has arrived; refer to the most recent Missive for his number.

Please send comments and queries to soc-cusfs at lists dot cam dot ac dot uk

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