CUSFS Termcard for Easter Term 2003

All events start at 7.30pm unless otherwise specified.

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Sunday Discussions, Other Events, and Things Of Interest

(Non-CUSFS events are in brackets.)

(Saturday 25 &
Sunday 26 April)
  (Genes and Society Festival)   (Battersea Arts Centre,
London SW11)
(Two-day festival with debates, discussions, films, and exhibitions on the theme of genetics and its impact on popular culture, to mark the 50th anniversary of the publication of Crick and Watson's famous paper on the structure of DNA. Includes a series of discussions on the portrayal of genetics in SF film and literature. Guests include Gwyneth Jones and Ken MacLeod. Organised by the Institute of Ideas - more details at the Institute of Ideas website.)
Sunday 27 April   Discussion - Trilogies and Beyond   J1 Cripps Court, Selwyn
Series spread across multiple books have always been common in Science Fiction and Fantasy, perhaps more so than in mainstream literature. Is this just sequelitis in the search for a fast buck, or does it say something about the involved worlds SF&F create that they're worth revisiting? Is a story stronger in its own specially-crafted setting, or does an existing background ease the storytelling process? What about series with multiple authors, or Asimov's tendency to shoehorn all his stories into a single universe, thus creating a post hoc series? What is the influence of a sequel-obsessed Hollywood in all this?
Thursday 1 May, 8:30pm   Reading evening   New Hall bar
Come and join us for a light-hearted evening of readings. Bring along anything you want to impress, entertain, edify or amuse us with, or just come to listen to other people's selections. (Short extracts of less than 5 pages are best; reading longer sections aloud takes a while.)
Sunday 4 May   Discussion - Frederik Pohl   38 Lensfield Rd, Room 9
Frederik Pohl is one of the classic giants of the field, winner of three Hugos and two Nebulas. Amongst his masterpieces are the seminal and bestselling Gateway (first book of the Heechee quartet), the award-winning look at human nature in Man Plus, and anticapitalist dystopias including particularly The Space Merchants (co-written with C M Kornbluth). Pohl's writing manages to explore time, space and the human condition, while remaining grippingly readable. Come and argue about his politics; be persuaded to read some or more of his work; discuss the value of the collaborations with Kornbluth; compare Pohl's earlier and later work. All this and more at 38 Lensfield Rd on Sunday 4th!
Sunday 11 May   Discussion - Terry Pratchett   J1 Cripps Court, Selwyn
Terry Pratchett is one of the few SF or fantasy authors whose books regularly top the best-seller lists. He's best known for his Discworld series, which currently stands at around 30 books long. So what is it about his works that makes them such a roaring success? Would you like to see more of the same or is it time he moved onto something new? Come along to discuss, discourse and digress.
Thursday 15 May, 8:30 pm   Storytelling   76 Darwin Drive
Join us for a convivial evening of invention and entertainment as Jómsborg's resident Bard guides us through a world of Lovecraftian horrors.
Sunday 18 May   Games evening + Vice-Presidential elections   11 Atherton Close
Bring games and play them with people; you know the drill by now. Games will include the annual election of CUSFS Vice-Presidents by a top-secret method to be revealed nearer the time.
(Saturday 24 May, all day)   (Stevenage Space Day)   (Stevenage Town Centre)
(One-off fun day with space-station roadshow, Ariadne rocket, SG1 stargate and a variety of other events, exhibitions, competitions and games on a space/sci-fi theme.)
(Thursday 27 May, 7:00pm)   (Speaker: Margaret Atwood at the Union)   (Union Society, 9a Bridge St)
Come and meet Margaret Atwood who will be giving a talk about her new book, Oryx and Crake, at the Cambridge Union Society, 9a Bridge Street, Cambridge. This is a ticketed event only. Tickets are only available from the Cambridge Union Society at the above address, or by telephoning 01223 566421.
Saturday 14 June   Veizla   OCR, St Catharine's College
Jómsborg the New's annual dinner. The Reeve calls on all Jómsvikingar to witness the naming and inauguration of the new Reeve and Companions, in the presence of good food, staunch company, and much revelry. Veizla details here

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