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Welcome to the website of the Cambridge University Science Fiction Society! Here you can find information about our activities and termcard, as well as some information about membership, traditions, our library and back issues of our magazine, TTBA.

Termcard (Michaelmas 2023)

Discussion Meetings

When: 19:00, Mondays
Where: St John's College Teaching Room 1
A casual discussion about sci-fi and fantasy, loosely themed around a weekly topic. If you're new, meet us outside the St John's Old Divinity School at 18:55 and we'll show you to the room.

  • 9th October: Spaaaaace! Combat: Cool Ships, Weird Gravity & Big Guns!
  • 16th October: Jomsthing the Sixth: Sentience, Agency, & Destiny
  • 23rd October: Ecology in SFF: Funky Flora and Quircky Creatures
  • 30th October: Costumes, Makeup & Prosthetics
  • 6th November: SFF and Anti-Capitalism
  • 13th November: Jomsthing the Seventh: Fantasy "Races" & Racism
  • 20th November: AI in SF and Real Life: Intelligence, Androids & Robots
  • 27th November: Book Club: Gideon The Ninth

Film Nights

When: 19:00, Saturdays
Where: Normally St John's College Old Divinity Theatre
We show a film, and usually hang around for a chat about it afterwards.

  • 7th October: The Matrix
  • 14th October: Spirited Away
  • 21th October: War Games
  • 28th October: Alien (Loc: Earth Sciences Dept. Tilley Lecture Theatre)
  • 4th November: Episodes - Retro Theme
  • 11th November: Conan the Barbarian
  • 18th November: The Dark Crystal (Loc: Earth Sciences Dept. Tilley Lecture Theatre)
  • 25th November: Blade Runner


When: 19:30, Every Other Friday (13/10, 27/10, 10/11, 24/11).
Where: The Bath House Pub.
We talk sci-fi (and other rubbish) in a pub. Food and drink optional.

What we do

The Cambridge University Science Fiction (and Fantasy) Society (CUSFS - pronounced "cuss-fuss") is here to do science fiction and fantasy-related things of any and all description in Cambridge. We're a bustling community of both students and those not affiliated with the University, and we aim to provide a friendly, accessible, and accepting environment for all manner of activities.

We have three regular events. The Monday meetings are all on a particular topic, broad enough that everyone can contribute, regardless of what they have or haven't read. They meander around, flirt with the topic at hand, then usually veer off a cliff. Nonetheless, they are lots of fun and are definitely the place to go for actual, concerted discussion of science fiction and fantasy. On Saturdays, we have a film night. These are pretty self-explanatory; we show a film, and then usually stay around for a chat afterwards. The final event is our biweekly (you can guess the sense) Friday pub meet. These usually involve an even-more-informal discussion of all things sci-fi and fantasy, as well as miscellaneous chatter on all manner of other topics. There'll usually be a few people ordering food, and enough drinks that the pub doesn't yell at us, but both are of course optional.

In addition to these, we do lots of other things at less regular intervals: we sometimes organise cinema trips (notably for Star Wars in recent years), and have the odd society formal. We are also famous for our board game nights (As in all-night. We greet the dawn!). Members can also access our library, which apparently contains over 6000 books.

We like to think we're not very scary. Feel free to come along to exactly as many events as you think you're interested in - we don't mind if you've never been before and decide to show up in the middle of the year, and we certainly don't mind if you're not an official member. If you have any interest at all in SFF, you'll certainly find something to interest you!

Welcome and Welfare

If you have any questions or comments about welfare in CUSFS, particularly if you have requests or suggestions for improvement, please contact any member of the committee. We are always happy to talk and try to make things better.

We try to book rooms so that our regular meetings and film nights have step-free access. Our library is currently a little inaccessible (It's in some kind folks' loft...); if you would like to borrow some books, please contact our librarian.

Contact Us

Our Facebook page can be found here. Our Discord Server is accessible through the Cambridge Discord Hub

Alternatively, you can find the CRSids of the committee on our committee page, and email us at crsid@cam.ac.uk.