CUSFS Meetings List by Topic

This list goes back to December 1996, which is when the compiler's collection of missives starts. If any reader has details for any period before this, please contact soc-cusfs at lists dot cam dot ac dot uk.

Douglas Adams 08/03/98, 07/05/00, 24/11/02
Brian Aldiss 09/03/03
Isaac Asimov 24/10/99
Iain M. Banks 30/11/97, 04/11/01
Clive Barker 19/01/97
Ray Bradbury 03/02/02
Marion Zimmer Bradley 09/05/99, 26/01/03
David Brin 23/01/00
John Brunner 29/04/01
Lois McMaster Bujold 04/03/01 (advertised as William Gibson)
Lois McMaster Bujold and militaristic SF25/11/01
Octavia E. Butler 10/03/02
Orson Scott Card 26/11/00
Lewis Carroll 18/11/01
C. J. Cherryh 01/12/96, 31/01/99
Arthur C. Clarke 18/10/98
John Crowley 09/03/97, 25/02/01
Samuel Delany 22/02/98
Philip K. Dick 23/02/97, 04/02/01
Stephen Donaldson 18/01/98
Lord Dunsany 25/01/98
David Eddings 25/04/99
Greg Egan 26/10/97, 22/10/00
Neil Gaiman 26/04/98, 29/10/00
Alan Garner 29/11/98
David Gemmell 15/11/98, 15/02/04
Mary Gentle 28/01/01, 09/05/04
William Gibson 04/03/01 (became Lois McMaster Bujold)
Terry Goodkind 11/02/01
Peter F. Hamilton 28/11/99, 26/10/03
Harry Harrison 02/05/99
Robert Heinlein 10/05/98
Frank Herbert 08/02/04
Robin Hobb / Megan Lindholm19/10/03
Robert Holdstock 28/02/99
Diana Wynne Jones 27/05/01
Guy Gavriel Kay 02/02/97
Stephen King 31/10/99
Ursula K. Le Guin 12/03/00, 16/11/03
C. S. Lewis 15/10/00
H. P. Lovecraft and the Cthulhu mythos24/01/99
R. A. MacAvoy 14/11/99
Ken MacLeod 13/02/00
Anne McCaffrey 27/04/97, 22/11/98, 05/05/02
Juliet McKenna 03/03/02
China Miéville 21/10/01
Elizabeth Moon 11/03/01
Michael Moorcock 27/02/00
Mervyn Peake 14/05/00
Frederik Pohl 04/05/03
Tim Powers 30/04/00
Terry Pratchett 12/10/97, 11/05/03
Bob Shaw 11/05/97
Dan Simmons 04/05/97
Cordwainer Smith 21/01/01
E. E. "Doc" Smith 01/03/98
Michael Marshall Smith17/01/99
Brian Stableford 23/02/03
Neal Stephenson 12/05/02
J. R. R. Tolkien 19/10/97, 11/10/98, 17/10/99, 27/01/02
Vernor Vinge 21/02/99
H. G. Wells 06/02/00
Walter Jon Williams 25/04/04
Gene Wolfe 02/03/03
Roger Zelazny 07/02/99
Other Topics
"Can You Judge A Book By Its Cover?" - blurbs and artwork, spaceships and dragons (squash)08/10/00
Comics and graphic novels29/02/04
The End of the World07/03/99
Favourite author16/11/97, 25/10/98, 21/11/99, 12/11/00, 14/10/01, 27/10/02, 02/11/03
Festivals in SF & fantasy01/12/02
CUSFS Hall of Fame07/03/04
New authors09/02/03
"Out of Sight, Out of Mind?" - television & film vs literature (squash)10/10/99
Religion in fantasy and SF02/05/04
"Same World, Different Author"08/02/98
Science evening: "Enough of Fiction, here's some Science!"11/11/01
Sex and sexuality in fantasy and SF25/01/04
Trilogies and beyond27/04/03
AI and machine consciousness in SF09/02/97
Aliens in SF20/01/02
"What is 'hardness' and do we need it?"26/01/97
Politics in SF02/03/97
Space combat05/03/00
Space opera18/01/04
SF and technology23/11/03
Time travel28/04/02
Virtual worlds19/01/03
Babylon 502/11/97
Buffy, Angel and Firefly: the Whedonverse16/05/04
Dr Who01/02/98, 19/11/00, 20/10/02
Star Trek24/02/02
Star Wars17/11/02
Battle and bloodshed in fantasy10/02/02
"Forward the Revolution!" - do all fantasy novels have to be set in feudal societies? (Althing discussion)30/01/00
"Fairy Stories, Epic Quests and Things which go in Threes"03/05/98
Fairy tales30/11/03
"Harry Potter and the Simplified Storyline" - is children's fantasy worth reading?13/05/01
How magic works06/05/01
Magic and sorcery30/01/04
Swords and sorcery23/11/97

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