Forthcoming Events


Any changes to location and time announced via email and on the Facebook group.


If you want to contact the committee, it's recommended that you e-mail the committee list in the first place.


The committee for 2020-2021 is as follows:

Name CRSid
Chairbeing Jamie Gerstein jg881
Secretary Jefferson Chua, on behalf of:
Junior Treasurer Lucy Hart
Social Secretary Samuel Bird
Librarian Harley Jones (on behalf of the Library) hatj2
TTBA Editor Shaun Vickers spv28


In 2019-2020, the Reeve and their companions are:

Geldjarl and Meadkeeper

The sun raised by this Reeve is as yet unknown.

Vice Presidents

The Vice presidents for this year, as chosen by Contact, were:
The left half of Lee's circular knitting needle
The awkward silence that transpired while Jefferson was thinking of who to nominate
The small dwarf that featured on 25 pages of the last TTBA
A horde of astronomy crossbows
What we thought was St David's Day but apparently is not because it is a Sunday
A medium-sized Tupperware containing 5 Welsh Cakes

For a list of past committees, see the Past Committees page.

For a list of very past committees, see the archives.