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If you want to contact the committee, it's recommended that you e-mail the committee list in the first place.


The committee for 2023-2024 is as follows:

Name CRSid
Chairbeing Sol Dubock (They/Them) sjd210
Secretary Maxwell Pettett (He/Him) mp2015
Junior Treasurer Lauren Mason (She/Her) llm34
Social Secretary Rosalind Mackey (She/Her) ram210
Librarian Sam Hutton (Any Pronouns) sh2154
TTBA Editor Alex Colesmith atc44


In 2022-2023, the Reeve and their companions are:

Reeve John Leung
Runecaster Rose Conway
Geldjarl Lauren Mason
Meadkeeper Rosalind Mackey
Bard Gwen Sellers

The sun raised by this Reeve is Beatrice, the face of a baby!

Vice Presidents

The Vice presidents for this year, as chosen by being drawn from a hat with many duplicates, were:
Shadow the Hedgehod
Being Queer
The Spanish Inquisition
The Plant Based Universities Motion
The Onceler (2012)
Sam Hutton (Incumbent)

For a list of past committees, see the Past Committees page.

For a list of very past committees, see the archives.