Forthcoming Events


Any changes to location and time announced via email and on the Facebook group.


If you want to contact the committee, it's recommended that you e-mail the committee list in the first place.


The committee for 2018-2019 is as follows:

Name CRSid
Chairbeing Olivia Morley ojm32
Secretary Harley Jones hatj2
Junior Treasurer Jacob Van Buren jpv37
Social Secretary The Towering Immensity Of Hats
Librarian Angus Robinson agmr2
TTBA Editor Sarah Binney cusfs.chainwriting (gmail)


In 2018-2019, the Reeve and their companions are:

Reeve Aberdeen Powell
Runecaster Tristan Roberts
Geldjarl and Meadkeeper Jacob Van Buren
Bard Alastair Haig
The sun raised by this Reeve is as yet unknown

Vice Presidents

The Vice presidents for this year, as chosen by a variety of boardgames, are:
The Utterly Resistible force meeting a Totally Moveable object.
The Really Good Idea Greg had last week
Proxy votes for dance-offs
Baby rust monsters
Barry Bluejeans

For a list of past committees, see the Past Committees page.

For a list of very past committees, see the archives.