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Welcome to the website of the Cambridge University Science Fiction Society! This provides information about the activities of the Society, our history and members, as well as hosting our library catalogue and back issues of our magazine, TTBA.

Upcoming events

  • 23 Feb 19:45 - 23:00 ¤ At Which We Play Games ¤ Games night

    Location: Castle End Meeting Rooms, The Colony, Clare College
    In lieu of going to the pub, we will also be having games nights every other week. These will be about as structured and formal as the pub nights (read: not very, if at all). The gist of it is as follows: Bring games, play games, have fun and talk about general geekery. Games nights this term will start at 19:45 however, 15 minutes late ... [more]

  • 26 Feb 19:30 - 23:00 ¤ Curse Your Sudden But Inevitable Betrayal-Turning points and Plot twists. ¤ Discussion

    Location: Buckingham Room, Magdalene College
    This one will probably involve spoilers, you have been warned. This is the part where I reveal that I was secretly an agent of the old gods sent to transform this society in to the perfect doomsday cult to bring about the end times... I just happen to not have done it very well. Still, there's always a moment where they turn out to have be ... [more]

  • 28 Feb 19:30 - 23:00 ¤ The Invisible Man ¤ Film screening

    Location: Christ's College TV Room
    A James Whale film that has spawned a whole host of imitators based on the H.G Wells novel, I have been reliably informed this is on of the better classic horrors out there. Griffin is a man who has discovered a serum that has made him invisible, he arrives in the village of Iping and attempts to hide his discovery, but all the while the d ... [more]


CUSFS has a huge library of science fiction and fantasy books, DVDs and games, all free to borrow for members. Read more...


Creative writing, art and crafts created by our members. We have a magazine, TTBA, which is published electronically every term or so. Read more...


CUSFS holds events throughout the term, from discussion groups to film screenings to society dinners. Read more...