Forthcoming Events



25/10/2013: Week 3

Saturday: MCM Expo in London

If anyone's going, there will be a group of CUSFSites on the 9:21am train tomorrow morning to Liverpool Street so please join us for a day out with extra geekery! Meet in Cambridge station at 9:10.

Sunday meeting

In advance of Halloween, we'll be discussing horror in sf and fantasy. Is horror scarier for kids oradults? And should it try to scare both equally? Normal place and time - meet 7:30pm outside Pembroke plodge and we'll head to the NCR.

Film night

Also going with the Halloween theme, we're having a double-bill! There are three contenders; we can vote on the night which ones to watch.

  • NOSFERATU (1922): The classic vampire movie, in silent black-and-white; the filmmakers wanted to film Dracula but couldn't get the rights, so they made this anyway without permission. It's a miracle any of it survived given Bram Stoker's estate tried to have every copy destroyed. Some blood-sucking involved, but don't worry, nothing Twilight-worthy.
  • FRANKENSTEIN (1931): Exactly what it sounds like. Boris Karloff is the monster. Some minor nastiness and violence, non-graphic strangulation etc.
  • THE CALL OF CTHULHU (2005): The thrilling adaptation of HP Lovecraft, made in the style of a 1920s silent black-and-white movie on a shoestring budget. Mild violence (people getting shot and falling over backwards in a dramatic fashion), severed fingers in boxes, things man was not meant to see, etc. Fun!

We've got the Riley Auditorium in Clare Memorial Court again, so you can watch your fears on the big screen; meet outside Clare Old Court plodge at 7:30 and we'll walk over. If you're late, don't worry, just give me a ring on 07757498597 and I'll let you in.

Cinema trip - Ender's Game

The exciting new adaptation of the novel, with extra added Harrison Ford. There'll be a CUSFS contingent going to the Cineworld near Homerton for the 8pm showing. It's 7.00 with student ID and if lots of people go there's extra group discounts on top of that. We can meet outside Emmanuel at 7:30pm to walk there if anyone doesn't know the way.

21/10/2013: Alastair Reynolds talk postponed

Heads up: Our highlight for this term, CUSFS' visit by the author Alastair Reynolds, has been postponed to the evening of Thursday 7th November! We'll send out more details closer to the time, but save the date.

18/10/2013: Week 2

It was fantastic to see so many people at the Fresher's Squash last week so hopefully you're all looking forward to another week of science-fiction (and fantasy) excitement. Without further ado!

Sunday meeting

DISCUSSION GROUP. Sunday (20th). This week we crack open the old nutcase, "Is science fiction a valid literary genre? How about fantasy? Can/should they be mixed with other genres or does doing so detract from either?"

Pembroke NCR; meet outside the Plodge at 7:30pm, same place as last week. (Look out for the orange scarves!) Be there or be a two-dimensional projection of a cube along the normal to one face!

Film night

MOVIE NIGHT. Tuesday (22nd). Starship Troopers (1997) contains lots of blood and gore, a brain-sucking alien, various violence and, according to IMDB, "multiple female breasts". But on the plus side, also contains Neil Patrick Harris!

Clare College, Riley Auditorium. Meet outside the Old Court plodge, which is near the tourist entrance to King's Chapel, at 7:30.

09/10/2013: Welcome freshers!

This is the glorious CUSFS website, currently undergoing a prolonged redesign (by prolonged I mean progress only happens when I have an important deadline coming up). It serves to function as a secondary repositary of information regarding upcoming events (in case you've mysteriously not been signed up the mailing list, or discover the society later in the year) and to provide some reference material which may be of interest. Below is the most relevant information regarding Fresher's Week and the general running of the society.

Fresher's Week events

Without further ado, the upcoming events this week are as follows:

  • Sunday, 13th October, 19:30: Fresher's Squash - the first event of term is the squash, which this year is taking place in the New Combination Room, Pembroke College. We'll meet outside the plodge on Trumpington Street. Come along to meet the existing members of the society, mingle with fellow freshers, and discuss all the wonderful SFF things you read/watched/played over the summer. (Did you guys know Scott Lynch's new book is out?)
  • Tuesday, 15th October, 19:30: Fresher's Film - for our first film night of term, we'll be watching The Princess Bridge. If you've not seen it before, well, you've probably heard about half the dialogue quoted at one point or another - and if you have seen it before, you know exactly why you should go see it again. The location hasn't been confirmed yet, so look to your emails for more information on that.

Other events

And finally, here are some of the other things we'll be doing this term. More information closer to the time, but you may want to keep it in mind if anything sounds interesting!

  • Regular meetings - our regular Sunday meetings are the best place if you want to just talk about science fiction and fantasy. Ostensibly, a topic for discussion is chosen every week. Inevitably, the meetings get more and more tangentially related until someone either makes us all go back to what we were supposed to be talking about or we just give up. They're fun! Sometimes they're followed by tea!
  • Film nights - these happen on Tuesday evenings. Every term we have some sort of general theme (adaptations this term) and we try to choose a mixture of well-known, popular films and lesser-known ones that maybe fewer people have seen.
  • Pub nights - on Wednesdays. Usually at The Anchor, though we are deeply sceptical of its recent refurbishment.
  • Library - currently undergoing major recataloguing, our library ought to reopen within the next couple of weeks. Then we'll start opening it at hopefully regular times - we have a collection of nearly 6000 items, and there are no borrowing limits, though the library is only open to members.
  • Games evenings - at the end of every term we host an all-night (no, really - the last one ended at 9am) board/card games evening. It's so much fun we usually have half the LARPers showing up as well.
  • TTBA - this is the society's magazine, which publishes contributions from members on a semi-regular basis. You can see back issues here. Anyone interested in submitting something should talk to Lilian, our magazine editor.

And most importantly, this term we are thrilled to announce that Alastair Reynolds will be visiting the society. The event is provisionally scheduled for the 27th of October, so keep that evening free!

Right, that's all for now. Don't worry if you're not sure how exactly things work - the weekly emails will have detailed information about all upcoming events. If you think you've not been signed up the mailing list, or you weren't at the fresher's fair, send us an email and we'll add you.

See you all at the Squash!