Title to be Announced

Title To Be Announced (more usually ttba) is the magazine of CUSFS, the Cambridge University Science Fiction Society. The magazine began in 1974, and as I write is in its twenty-second year of publication and is approaching its hundredth issue. This page is even more out-of-date than it was when the above was written. Never mind, eh?

Included in this archive you will find

and the following issues:

Volume 17 (1989-90)

  1. Teenage Turtle Brainwashed Assassins
Volume 18 (1990-91)
  1. Take That! Bloody Aliens
  2. Tremendous Terence Bashes Aliens
Volume 19 (1991-92)
  1. The Terrible Time Bomb Affair
  2. Tergiversation Transmogrifies Blanket Assumptions
  3. Title to be Announced
Volume 20 (1992-93)
  1. Terribly Typeset and Badly Aligned
  2. The Title's Been Avoided
Volume 29 (2002-03)
  1. Topsy Turvy Blue Absurdity
  2. They Took Back Antares!
Volume 30 (2003-04)
  1. Three Thousand Books Arrive
  2. Twenty-Three Billion Ångstroms
Volume N (2009-2010)
  1. Teq'bot: Tequila-Bearing Android
Queries about this page or the online copies of ttba should be sent to me at the address below. Submissions, letters of comment, requests for subscription and so on should be sent to the Cambridge University Science Fiction Society: soc-cusfs at lists dot cam dot ac dot uk.

If you happen to be an owner of the missing issue of ttba (this is absent from the University Library and from the other archives of back issues), namely Volume 11 Number 3, then I would love to hear from you.

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