Virtual LightVirtual Light: So, cyberpunk

By Sarah Binney ¤ view all reviews (3)

It is the future (let's say, 2006). America as we know it has collapsed; the police and private security firms work in an uneasy alliance to fight petty theft, while above their heads corporate espionage runs rife. Characters get in over their heads and wind up on the run for their lives. So far, so William Gibson.

There's actually a lot crammed into this short book; some nice comments on our relationship with technology and our search to find meaning in a cold world. The protagonists are credible if a bit cliche, and the enormous amount of social change that happens in between the book's writing in 1993 and its setting in the mid-2000s is well put together if very accelerated.

Overall it didn't stick with me particularly, but it was fun read while it lasted.

Verdict: ★★★★☆