Easter 2007 EGM

Election of Vice-Presidents

The following vice-presidents were elected, by the method of Chrononauts Time-Distort Twelve in real time:

  1. Four Hundred Billion Stars
  2. Biggles in Time and Space
  3. The future daughter of Simeon Bird B.A. Hons. Cantab

A small sample of those not elected, which the compiler considered particularly amusing and, rather more restrictively, which he could also read:

  1. The CMS as a Robo-Rally board
  2. The Surly Beard of Mrifk [We'll keep nominating this one until it wins!]
  3. The Man with Absolute Motion
  4. A Death Circus
  5. Captain Algernon Lacey Modulo spelling
  6. A self-juggling stunt otter
  7. An obvious forgery of the Mona Lisa
  8. Zirn left Unguarded, the Jenghik Palace in flames, Jon Westerley Dead
  9. The Man Who Was Thursday (the man, not the book)
  10. King Arthur's surly moustache
  11. The cover of Mr. Edward A. "Casual Sex" Heaney, B.A. Hons (Cantab.), Purveyor of Science to the Gentry's copy of Glory Road

Election of some Committee members


  1. Patrick Moore: 4
  2. Michael Donaghy: 8
  3. George Takei: 0


  1. Steven Shenton: 8
  2. Imre Leader: 2
  3. The Stygian Cloud of Charcoal Ebony: 3.5


  1. Jenny Scott-Thompson: 8
  2. Many-fauceted Scarlet Emerald: 1
  3. A Humanoid University Approved Calculator: 3

Membership Secretary

  1. Ben Weaver: 6
  2. J S-T's father: 5


  1. Dan Hulme: 6
  2. Simeon Bird's Banana Plant "Maurice": 3