The early history of CUSFS, as related by Thomas Goodey, one of the founders.

I went up in 1963 (St. John's), and of course immediately heard of the Freshers' Fair (? or some similar name?). Since I was and am a serious SF enthusiast, I decided to start a society. So I got a table in the Fair and laid a few old Astoundings out and awaited developments. Several like-minded souls approached me, and we all pooled our collections to form the nucleus of the Library.

We found a volunteer, in Caius I believe, to host the books, and we collected some subscriptions to purchase cheap bookshelves. The chap's rooms were opened to members twice a week,  I think. I remember that there were about 60 members initially, and I remember the subscription as being 10 shillings, but this information may be faulty. Anyway there was enough money left to fill up the collection of (British edition) Astoundings back to 1952 or thereabouts, and of Galaxy back to #1. We also bought more and more secondhand paperbacks, which were pretty cheap. I used to comb Shepherd's Bush market in London for them. I remember that I actually shelled out quite a bit for a hardcover "Man in the High Castle" which was an American edition, impossible to acquire cheaply. It was avidly consumed by a succession of members.

The Society acquired more and more books, and in my third year (1965- 66) there were about 5000. In that year they were in my rooms (New Court), and there wasn't much space left! Anyway, when I left in June 1966, somebody - I forget who - volunteered to take the Society onwards, and there you go - it obviously acquired a life of its own which will probably outlast mine!