CUSFS Termcard for Lent Term 2008

All events start at 7.30pm unless otherwise specified.

Other events may be added to the programme. Details will be included in the list once when we know them.

January 20th Discussion: Alien Infestations, or 'Sergeant Willis, is that you?' R Common Room, Sidney Sussex
Are you sure your neighbour isn't being mind controlled? Is there anyone you can really turn your back on when exploring a deserted spaceship? Come talk with CUSFS about the fearsome menace of Alien Infestation!
January 27th Favourite Author R Common Room, Sidney Sussex
The name says it all; come along and persuade, cajole or bribe the assembled CUSFS for their views on who is the very best.
February 10th Being Marooned on an Unknown Planet: A Survival Guide R Common Room, Sidney Sussex
If your spaceship crashed on an unknown planet, how would you respond? What's the best way to set about getting home? Would you even want to? Could you even survive?
February 17th Scientific Plausibility R Common Room, Sidney Sussex
While we can all appreciate the effort and beauty of a well-researched and scientificly accurate work, at the same time some of the most fondly remembered science fiction is, frankly, rather silly. What do you think?
February 24th Dinosaurs R Common Room, Sidney Sussex
Could future science let us rebuild the dinosaurs, make them better and stronger than they were before? Could adapted dinosaurs become our servants - or would it be the other way around?
March 10th Turkey Reading R Common Room, Sidney Sussex
As part of (what I'm informed by older members may be)a CUSFS tradition, this week's meeting will be demonstration (or celebration) of awful science fiction; bring along the worst short story you can bear to read out and I'll award a (cheap) prize to the best (i.e. worst). Alternatively, just turn up to listen, we won't think any less of you, honest.
P.S. In order to limit the number of readings of "The Eye of Argon" to at most one; if anyone wishes to read it please e-mail me.
-James Brister
March 15th Games Evening! Burrells Field Common Room, Trinity
Games! Games! Robo-Rally!

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