CUSFS Termcard for Easter Term 2007

All events start at 7.30pm unless otherwise specified.

Other events may be added to the programme. Details will be included in the list once when we know them.

Friday 27th April, 12:30. Lunch! In the rooms of Lord Kelvin! I4, Gisborne Court, Peterhouse.
As last term, we shall have food, good company, and of course the ghost of Kelvin hovering over the revels.
Sunday 29th April, 7:30 Discussion: Where's my flying car? I4 Gisborne Court, Peterhouse
What do historical science fiction ideas about the present day tell us about our present and future?
When Asimov invented the positronic brain, he got it wrong. When Clarke invented things, he got some of it right. When Brunner invented a terrifying future dystopia where overpopulation is rampant, he got it too right for comfort. We are living in the Future, where are the wonders promised? Where are the flights of fancy, the towering heights of the imagination? Where is Thomas Moore's Utopia? Why do we want the sick joke of a long-dead scholar anyway? To find the answers to these, and many more questions, come to CUSFS on Sunday.
Friday 5th May, 12:30. Lunch! In the rooms of Lord Kelvin! I4, Gisborne Court, Peterhouse.
As the previous week, but with knobs on.
Saturday 5th May, 7:30 Games Evening! Burrell's Field Common Room.
Play games old, new, silly and sensible with CUSFS! If you have any games you would like to play, bring them! The games get sillier as the evening wears on, and this is the ideal anodyne for revision, and handily just after CATAM submissions. Warning: RoboRally will occur! If you have not previously heard of this game, prepare for the experience of a lifetime.
Sunday 13th May, 7:30. Discussion: Space Travel. Why? I4 Gisborne Court, Peterhouse
For centuries, the human race has dreamed of the stars. We send robotic probes to the far reaches of the solar system, seeking ever greater scientific knowledge. Our great telescopes gaze endlessly across the vasty deep of interstellar space, seeking answers in the void. Man, by his god-given genius of Science, has at last succeeded in penetrating further and further into the vast unknown of Space. Men have walked on the moon. We plan a permanent presence there, a moonbase, and to visit Mars. But why?
Friday 25th May, 12:30pm. Lunch! In the rooms of Lord Kelvin! I4 Gisborne Court, Peterhouse
This Friday is May 25th , otherwise known as International Towel Day.
On this day, in memory of Douglas Adams, hitchhikers everywhere carry their towels with them wherever they go. Since Adams was a Cambridge man, we are pleased to joing this tradition, and thus I heartily encourage you:
Wear your towel on Friday!
Another CUSFS lunch, involving as usual food and things of that nature. In addition, those attending should wear their towels. Anyone not doing so may well be mocked, as being insufficiently hoopy.
Tuesday 12th June, 7:30pm Discussion: How to come up with a good science fiction title Room 1, 11 Fitzwilliam Street

At the recent Hugo winners discussion, it was noted that the Hugo voters occasionally seemed to be giving the award to the finalist with the best title. It takes but one small step of bad logic to conclude that a good title will win you a Hugo. Accordingly, CUSFS will attempt to enlighten you on this important topic.

We will discuss the role of rhetoric:
"If All Men Were Brothers, Would You Let One Marry Your Sister?"
of semantics:
"The Word for World is Forest"
of extravagance:
"Zirn Left Unguarded, the Jenghik Palace In Flames, Jon Westerley Dead!"
of being Scientific:
"Time Considered as a Helix of Semi-Precious Stones"
and of precision:
"Adrift Just Off the Islets of Langerhans: Latitude 38 54' N, Longitude 77 00' 13" W"

We will also consider the importance of backing up your excellent title with a suitable blurb:


Ten years ago a collection such as this would have been a series of technological nightmares - crazy robots, poisoned wastelands, megalomaniac computers, mega-death dealing microbes and warheads. ... Today these nightmares are no longer the preserve of the science fiction writer. They are part of our daily lives.

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