Frequently used locations of CUSFS events

  • Riley Auditorium ¤ Clare College

    We use the Riley for film screenings. It's a large auditorium with a fantastic big screen. It's also wheelchair accessible via a modern lift.
    To get there, head to Clare Memorial Court, which is off Queen's Road. There's a wheelchair accessible drive up the right hand side of the main entrance. Head through the main gates and on the right path around the library (octagonal building in the middle). Once you're facing the UL, turn right and head through a small tunnel following signs to the Gillespie Centre. The Riley is on the basement floor; ring a CUSFSite to be let in and we can open the doors if they don't do so automatically.

  • Glover Room ¤ Clare College

    Games evenings sometimes take place in the Glover Room in Clare, which is a small room on the ground floor with wheelchair access.
    It's roughly next door to the Riley Auditorium so follow the above instructions to get to the Gillespie Centre; the Glover Room is on ground level on the right as you enter the building.

  • Christ's TV Room ¤ Christ's College

    When we can't book an auditorium for Film Nights we use the TV Room in Christ's College. It has a large HD TV and plenty of sofas with shiny new feet to match the new wooden floor. To get there enter Christ's via the Great Gate and head around the right hand side of the circular lawn. Head through the passageway to Second Court and follow the path left to Third Court. Head straight down the right-hand side of the gravel area and you should see the Yusuf Hamied Centre ahead of you: head in and the TV Room is the door on the left before the stairs. Getting into the TV Room requires a Christ's card so if you're late knock loudly or call a CUSFSite. This route is step-free.

  • CUSFS Library ¤ Computer Sciences Library, William Gates Building

    The CUSFS library is currently housed in the shiny new premises of the Computer Sciences Department Library in the William Gates Building on the West Cambridge Site: map here. It's on the ground floor and wheelchair accessible; you go to the north end of the building (left side as you enter) and there's a door at the end with a sign pointing to the Library. Keep going through the main section and we're just around the corner. We only open the Library on certain days when the Librarian is running an opening (find the next one here) but if you can't make it then email the Librarian who can arrange to meet you with books at a more convenient place. If you have an account with the CUSFS library you can also reserve specific items here.

  • Castle End Meeting Rooms ¤ The Colony, Clare College

    The Castle End meeting rooms are used for discussion meetings, and sometimes for board games sessions and guest speakers. They're in Clare Colony, north past Magdalene; enter at the plodge then head straight on to the far right corner of the Colony. The rooms are on the ground floor and visible from the outside.