M. John Harrison, 2002
Book 1 of the Kefahuchi Tract series

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Date: 2002
ISBN: 9780575070264
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Tag: HARR6/
Copies: 2 (ab)

On the barren surface of an asteroid, located deep in the galaxy beneath the unbearable light of the Kefahuchi Tract, lie three objects: an abandoned spacecraft, a pair of bone dice covered with strange symbols, and a human skeleton.

What they are and what they mean are the mysteries explored and unwrapped in LIGHT, M. John Harrison's triumphant novel.

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Light: Chaos and cosmology

Chinese Ed is dreaming. Michael Kearney is being haunted by fractal geometry. And something is waking up in the Kefahuchi Tract, far out in s... [more]

Posted 02 Feb 08:37 by The Secretary ¤ Verdict: ★★★★★

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