Time: 05 Mar 19:30 - 23:00
Location: Buckingham Room, Magdalene College

We will be hosting an AGM in place of our normal discussion meeting on Sunday the 5th of March where we will elect the committee for next year. Our AGMs are usually delightfully silly affairs however despite this we still do need real people to run for real committee roles. It is not required that you show up in order to vote but it is encouraged (more will be explained closer to the time).

People interested in applying for committee roles should make themselves known to Isobel, or returning officer, sooner rather than later preferably, the roles are as follows:

Chairbeing-currently occupied by me, Nicholas Heitler
Secretary-currently occupied by Isobel Sands
TTBA Editor-currently occupied by Mark Johnson
Treasurer-currently occupied by Olivia Morley
Social Secretary-Louise Vincent
Librarian-Alistair Haig