Time: 07 Mar 19:30 - 23:00
Location: Christ's College TV Room

Woody Allen is not actually a film maker I expected to be showing much for CUSFS film nights, but he did in fact make the comedy Sleeper, which is a bona-fide, if very absurd, piece of dystopian future sci fi! Also this is early Allen so it's significantly less sexually minded and wordy than his later films (or so I have been led to believe, it was 10 years since I last watched it myself). Miles Monroe, jazz musician and owner of a health food store (the 'happy carrot') is put into a state of cryopreservation and revived 200 years later by a group of scientists who are part of a rebellion against the police state that is now running 22nd century America. Fair warning should be given that this, being a Woody Allen film, does almost certainly feature a fair amount of Woody Allen playing himself.