Library Opening I: It Begins

Time: 29 Oct 13:30 - 15:30
Location: The CUSFS Library

A chill breeze whispers through the William Gates Building. Between the desktop PCs in the Intel Lab it murmurs, and across the pockmarked pool table in the common room, and past the delicious cookies in the reasonably priced cafeteria. But always it returns to its source, growing stronger each time, until not even the densest treatise on esoteric type systems is left with its pages unruffled. The breeze becomes a gust, the gust a gale: part II project write-ups are ripped from their shelves, their pages scattered to the four corners of the CL. Just as well no-one cares about part II projects, really.

Only in one place is there complete stillness, utter calm. The faintest glimmer of werelight seems to hang in the air, and throughout there pervades an aura – not of dread, but of great... ominousness. Yeah, that's a word. Ominousness.

The Library is restless tonight...

(Long story short: First library opening of the year is on Thursday 29th October. Starting about 1.30pm and continuing for probably a couple of hours or however long people need. Hopefully we'll be selling membership so you can acquire borrowing rights on the spot.)