Our Sunday evening discussion groups are the core of our termtime activities. We meet at 7:30pm and are usually done by 10 or 11, though this figure wanders around somewhat - and anyone can turn up or disappear at any point. They're a time to discuss science fiction and fantasy in any format; recent topics have ranged from time travel to dragons to supervillains to dwarven sociology. Occasionally we even stay on topic long enough to get some real insight into the genre before veering off on tangents into narwhals and the most recent Doctor Who.

Discussions are really completely informal events. Often there are cookies. Always there is silliness. No-one is expected to have read the complete works of Isaac Asimov or be up to date on Game of Thrones. Discussions are a great way to get to know the society and to learn about a whole range of exciting new books with which to fill your reading list.

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