CUSFS Committee Addresses the Society. and general coordinator - first port of call if this website is broken. charge of the Library, of arranging library opening sessions, and of obtaining new items for the collection.
Junior the Society's finances.
Membership charge of membership as well as being a general Social Secretary, organising formals and so on.
TTBA and coordinates the society magazine, TTBA.

Contact the committee as a whole at

A! (No, I am not the reemergence of primitive traits in a derived form.)
You can contact the committee by emailing them: soc-cusfs at lists [dot] cam [dot] ac [dot] uk. Or email specific committee members, whose CRSIDs are here. To reserve books you can email the Librarian or if you've got an account with us you can fill in this webform.
Do also feel free to join the mailing list! It's at soc-cusfs-interested. We do a weekly bulletin with the schedule for that week plus TTBA issues, deadlines, and special events.
If you're an alumnus of CUSFS or Jomsborg, we also have an alumni mailing list; it receives less regular traffic than the main interested list but it'll keep you updated with news about big events like the Wake, the Veizla, and sporadic alumni meets. That can be found here or you can email the Secretary to request to be added.
We're also on Facebook, though that's more of an informal discussion page - for society specific info your first port of call is probably here.