CUSFS Committee

The CUSFS committee for 2016-2017 is:

Chairbeing:Nicholas Heitler (nh449)soc-cusfs-chair [at]
Secretary:Isobel Sands (is361)soc-cusfs-secretary [at]
Librarian:Alastair Haig (awh33)soc-cusfs-library [at]
Junior Treasurer:Olivia Morley (ojm32)soc-cusfs-treasurer [at]
Social Secretary:Louise Vincent (lrlv2)soc-cusfs-memsec [at]
TTBA Editor:Mark Johnson (mj464)soc-cusfs-ttba [at]

Contact the committee as a whole at soc-cusfs [at] lists dot cam [dot] ac [dot] uk.


The Reeve of Jómsborg and their companions for 2016-2017 are:

Reeve:Mark Johnson
Runecaster:Avigail Ben-Gad
Geldjarl:Olivia Morley
Meadkeeper:Alastair Haig
Bard:Andrew Carlotti

The sun raised by this Reeve is a circle of sun-stuff on a background of purest blue.


The CUSFS Vice-Presidents for this year were selected through the medium of games including Between Two Cities and Bausack.

Brienne of Darth
The ghost of the even tinier, yet purple, elephant named Georgina (deceased)
The Google Images results page for 'dog wearing a bee costume'
Steve the Ringwraith (who lights all the other Ringwraiths on fire) (damn it, Steve)
50 tonnes of eyelashes, travelling at more space-knots than you
Gandalf the Wite (spelling deliberate)