CUSFS Committee

The CUSFS committee for 2015-16 was:

Chairbeing:Isobel Sands (is361)
Secretary:Danielle Saunders (ds636)
Librarian:Jake Choules (jc841)
Junior Treasurer:Rory Hennell James (rh570)
Membership Secretary:Connor Willmington-Holmes (cjw205)
TTBA Editor:Curtis Reubens (cr507)

Contact the committee as a whole at soc-cusfs [at] lists dot cam [dot] ac [dot] uk.


The Reeve of Jómsborg and their companions for 2015-16 were:

Reeve:Rory Hennell James
Runecaster:Olivia Morley
Geldjarl:Rory Hennell James
Meadkeeper:Sarah Binney
Bard:Sam Ottewill-Soulsby

The sun raised by this Reeve was conical flask shaped.


The CUSFS Vice-Presidents for this year were selected through the medium of various board games, including Ticket to Ride and Betrayal at House on the Hill.

Mr Pickles of Botolph Lane
Tiny Hedgehog Advance Guard
The Mystery Box
The Immense Orangeness of Curtis (distinct from Curtis himself)
The House that Doesn't Exist
Mike Whittaker, For All The Usual Reasons