CUSFS Committee

The CUSFS committee for 2013-2014 was:

Chairbeing:Sarah Binney
Secretary:Filip Drnovšek Zorko
Librarian:Will Bradshaw
Junior Treasurer:Imogen Gold
Membership Secretary:Tristan Roberts
TTBA Editor:Lilian Halstead

Contact the committee as a whole at soc-cusfs [at] lists dot cam [dot] ac [dot] uk.


The Reeve of Jómsborg and their companions for 2013-2014 were:

Reeve:Will Bradshaw
Runecaster:Lee Colwill
Geldjarl:Imogen Gold
Meadkeeper:Tristan Roberts
Bard:Danielle Saunders

The sun raised by this Reeve was quetzal-shaped.


The CUSFS Vice-Presidents for this year were selected through the medium of Squabble plus An Unknown Method.

Lews Therin Telamon
The Merciless Prism of Equality
The British Museum