CUSFS Committee

The CUSFS committee for 2014-2015 was:

Chairbeing:Danielle Saunders
Secretary:Sarah Binney
Librarian:Lee Colwill
Junior Treasurer:Rory Hennell James
Membership Secretary:Catherine Gray
TTBA Editor:Isobel Sands

Contact the committee as a whole at soc-cusfs [at] lists dot cam [dot] ac [dot] uk.


The Reeve of Jómsborg and their companions for 2014-2015 were:

Reeve:Margaret Young
Runecaster:Curtis Reubens
Geldjarl:Rory Hennell James
Meadkeeper:Lee Colwill
Bard:Lilian Halstead

The sun raised by this Reeve was Vulcan-salute-shaped.


The CUSFS Vice-Presidents for this year were selected through the medium of Contact.

The Glow Cloud (All Hail The Glow Cloud)
The Ubiquity of Plaid
Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way
The Helix Fossil
Ambassador Kosh, the only Vorlon