Christopher Golden

  • The Blood of Carthage ¤ Christopher Golden, 2001

    Finding herself confused and questioning why she is in college, Buffy spends her time slaying and winds up killing Sunnydale's version of Bigfoot, which leads to disasterous results.

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    The Blood of Carthage
  • Sanctuary ¤ Christopher Golden, 1996

    When Magneto, their deadliest foe, takes over Manhattan and declares it a haven for mutants, the X-Men, under the direction of Professor Charles Xavier, realize that Magneto has achieved his first step in a plot for world domination. Original.

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  • Siege ¤ Christopher Golden, 1996

    The X-Men's oldest and deadliest enemy, Magneto, has taken over the Sentinels, powerful mutant-hunting robots, and the X-Men must fight the Acolytes, Magneto's mutant followers, and the United States government, which holds the X-Men responsible for the takeover. Original.

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